Kila Coffee

Medium roast
Medium Roast Coffee

Kila coffee originates from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and other exotic locations.

Coffee first originated in Ethiopia and then took a journey across the entire world resulting in it eventually becoming the second most traded commodity in the world – second only to oil.

Best Coffee

Whilst coffee is now grown in many countries around the globe,  African varieties and especially the coffee produced in parts of Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania, remain to be some of the tastiest and highest quality available. Brazil is the country that produces the most coffee in the world but as the saying goes – “quantity does not bring quality”. Brazil does however produce some great beans but the best potential for incredible product remains in Ethiopia.

We endeavour to bring to you the taste of African coffee both in a freshly roasted form and in the green bean which the more adventurous  can roast at home.


Fresh Coffee beans
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How to brew your coffee at home to the same exacting standards of a professional Barista – easy!!

The new Aeropress will enable you to dazzle and impress your friends with incredibly perfect cups every time.

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Roast Your Own Coffee

If you are the adventurous type, why not try your hand at roasting coffee at home . Kila coffee supplies unroasted green coffee beans in small quantities so that you can play around at home and produce some stunning roasted coffee. Roasting your own beans is fairly simple – have a look at our guide on how to roast coffee at home.

In the meantime enjoy your shopping and most of all enjoy your coffee.

Kila Cofee
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