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Anorexia Secrets

The dieting secrets of anorexics - how to lose weight fast

While I personally hate the entire spectrum of eating disorders that include anorexia and bulimia, and there is no way that I will ever encourage anyone to become anorexia – even the slightest bit – there is one thing that everyone has to admit about anorexics – They sure know how to lose weight fast.

Having been associated too closely with too many anorexics over the past years, I have come to understand their way of thinking and also a few of their best kept weight loss secrets.

While I am not prepared to divulge most of the secrets for fear of them being used for the wrong purposes, there is one little secret that I am going to discuss in detail as it can help many normal minded dieters to lose a couple of extra pounds without harm.

Chili keeps you thin!

Chili and hot foods that contain capsicum based herbs like chili and hot peppers, have the ability to increase your metabolism so that your body burns off calories at a far faster rate.

When I encountered my third anorexic chili fan, I started to put things together and I discovered that chili increases metabolisms and therefore when eating food with a huge amount of chili, the boost in calorie conversion to energy will result in more calories being burnt than what the food itself contains and therefore the net result will be weight lost.

Now I know that most normal people who are wishing to lose a little bit of weight are not going to rush in and start to endure the burning sensation, gastric irritation and after burn that eating chili in large doses is likely to produce.

But there is another Big Secret.

Chili need not burn or cause any unwanted side effects. Capsiplex is a new on the market slimming pill that has taken advantage of the secret of the anorexics, and is now making it available to the world in a specially formulated pill that does not have any burn or other side effects.

Capsiplex is an all natural ingredient slimming pill which contains concentrated capsicum, niacin and caffeine. One little pill a day is all you need to burn up to 278 calories more without the need for exercise or cutting down on your eating.

By simply using Capsiplex to lose weight, you harness the secret that many anorexics have kept hidden to be able to avoid gaining weight when they come to the stage that they are forced to eat food.

Is Capsiplex safe to use.

Capsiplex is 100% safe to use unless you have previously had an allergy to Chili products.

Although chili is used by many anorexics, you have no fear of becoming anorexia by using Capsiplex. Anorexia is a sickness of the mind that no slimming tablet can produce.

You will, however, discover just how easy it can be to lose weight without having to starve yourself or even embark on a strenuous exercise routine. I did forget to mention that 1 Capsiplex tablet burns as many calories as a 25 minute jog.

Capsiplex is available worldwide and as it is completely natural so no doctors prescription is necessary.

Discover how Capsiplex can help you achieve your ideal weight.

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