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The Colon Cleanse Scam

The colon cleanse scam - natural methods to cleanse your colon gently.

Is the colon cleanse just another online scam? I am sure that you have already stumbled across hundreds of web pages that have the disgusting pictures of people holding rope-like substances that they claim came out of their backsides.

These sites shout out scam but is the entire colon cleanse thing a scam or is it in fact of paramount importance to your weight loss efforts and your future good health.

The Colon Cleansing Scam

How to cleanse your colon without using chemical products and laxatives.While I can honestly say that colon cleansing is no scam at all, the disgusting pictures of those people with what came out of their colon are in fact a type of scam that is designed to frighten you into buying their products in case you have similar rope-like substances inside of you. It is a technique called repulsion marketing.

Now before we go any further, I want to point out to you that I do not recommend that you buy any product to cleanse your colon ever!

Nature has provided more than enough natural colon cleansing foods so that you do not have to rely on laxatives or colon cleanse tablets to do the job for you.

Why A Healthy Colon Is Essential.

A healthy and clean colon is not only important to your weight loss efforts but is equally or more important to your general health. Far too many people suffer from sluggish colons and ill health associated with poor colon functioning – especially women!

The average person carries up to the equivalent of 8 meals of compacted fecal matter in their colon.

Some people have colons that can go for as long as 14 days or longer without working.

Decayed Fecal matter lying in your colon starts to send toxins into your body instead of removing the toxins from your body.

It is no small wonder that the highest incidence of cancers (Apart from Lung Cancer) lies in the organs in direct proximity to the colon due to the infection with toxins. (Cervical cancer in women, and prostate cancer in men.)

The quicker that food is eliminated from the body, the less fat and calories absorbed by the body. A healthy person should have a minimum of 1 bowel movement a day with optimum being at 3 bowel movements.

Colon Cleansing Tips.

Maintaining a healthy colon can be a piece of cake.

1) Fresh fruit contains a natural form of hydrogen peroxide that oxygenates your colon and liquefies compacted fecal matter.

If you have ever heard of the “One Minute Cure” then you would have read about the many benefits that Hydrogen Peroxide has on your system. Natural Hydrogen peroxide contained in fruit is the best form of cleansing and 1 day of fruit only will do wonders to clean your system out.

After the initial 1-day fruit cleanse, all that is needed whenever you are having problems is some fruit on an empty stomach.

Acai berry is one of the super fruits with great cleansing properties.

2) Beetroot is fantastic to improve your colon function. Beetroot has long been recognized as an important cancer-fighting food and that it is able to regulate high blood pressure.

While I have never liked the taste of beetroot, I found the recipe below to be both tasty and enjoyable.

A delicious recipe that can be eaten cold or hot and which will get your colon working well is:-

Boil 2 medium-sized beetroots for 1 hour so that they are soft and a knife easily slides through them.

Allow it to cool.

Peel Beetroot and then slice into small slices.

Chop one small onion into small pieces and lightly fry in sunflower oil until golden brown. Add the beetroot and allow it to simmer for 15 minutes.

Serve either hot or cold.


Modern diets consist of many foods that clog the colon and prevent the correct colon function. By simply changing your diet to include more fresh fruit and vegetables and drinking sufficient water, you will not only improve your weight loss program immensely but will be improving your general health as well.

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