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How to boost your metabolism

How to boost your metabolism so that you burn fast faster

One of the most effective ways to ever lose weight is to simply boost your metabolism so that your body burns more calories and the calories are unable to turn into fat stored in your body.

You often hear that magic word called metabolism and have heard it mentioned many times in weight loss articles and when speaking to friends, but do you really understand what the metabolism is and how it works to aid you in weight loss.

Understanding your Metabolism.

How to increase your metabolic rate to burn fat quicker
How to boost your metabolism

Without taking you into a full biology lesson, I want to briefly explain to you what your metabolism is and how it works. Briefly, your metabolism is the mechanism that your body has to convert calories or fat into energy. It can be likened to a furnace similar to the one that drives the old steam trains. The calories are thrown into the fire and produce heat. The heat produces steam which is then the power that propels the steam train.

As we start to age, our metabolism slows down due to a number of factors. The estimate is that the metabolism of the average person will slow down by anything up to 30%. This results in a person who maintains the same diet and exercise routine having as much as 30% more fat building capability. No wonder we start to get rolls and belly fat.

Oh, if only life were so simple that we could simply throw more calories into the furnace when we need to. Our bodies are just slightly more technical than the old steam train but it is possible to manipulate your body into using more calories and therefore into burning more fat.

You can think of your body as being a fairly sophisticated computer-controlled furnace. The computer (Your Brain) registers when energy is going to be needed and when more calories need to be thrown into the furnace or when there are too many calories available to be burnt and then places these calories into storage (Fat).

The prime energy using part of our body is the muscle. Muscle needs the energy to move and to stay toned. Muscle uses energy to reproduce cells needed. If the muscle is the main consumer of energy then we need to look at and dispel a myth that we have been taught in the weight loss sector.

Prime Myth. Dieting is the best way to lose weight.

Dieting has always been lauded as the best way to lose weight and diets are literally what drives the 49 Billion Dollar dieting industry. Every day there is a new fashion diet that promises that you will lose weight when you purchase their amazing diet. Most diets work on the basis of reducing calorie intake which is fine – for a short while.

Reducing calorie intake forces the body to initially use fat stored to power the furnace. However this is a short term solution and the computer soon registers that there is insufficient new fuel to drive the furnace and so it turns down the furnace heat. It actually forces a slowing down of your metabolism. Soon muscles start to deteriorate and become more flabby.

Continued dieting results in a situation where your metabolism is completely slowed down and so any food that you eat is immediately converted to fat. As you are well aware there are some people with healthy metabolisms that can eat anything and not gain weight, whist others gain weight just looking at food. This is where weight loss pills can help so much to speed up your metabolism.

In order to lose weight easily and keep the weight off you need to increase your metabolism and not cause it to go into slumber mode, which is what most diets do.

In the fat burning process of the body, there is a transition where calories are turned into available energy, just like in the steam train where water is turned into steam. The process involves your hormones as well and your bodies ability to stimulate cell regeneration in muscle.

Phen375, a strong fat burner diet pill, will help get your metabolism into full gear. Phen375 comes with a diet system that is designed to help you to start controlling your furnace’s computer and to get the furnace of your metabolism burning at full power, thus converting the maximum amount of calories into energy.

When you wake up in the morning, one of the most important things to do is to start your day with some breakfast. This is a signal to your metabolism to fire up for the day. Next a couple of sips of coffee helps to stimulate your metabolism a little more.

Mid-morning is time to get your metabolism revved up with a small meal to remind your body that there is no need to store energy in the form of fat as there is more energy being placed into the fire. In all you will be slowly converted into eating six smaller meals a day of foods that are designed to speed up your metabolism and not store fat.

The downloadable diet guideline that comes with your purchase of Phen375 gives you all the tips that you need to help to increase your metabolism and have you running at full power all day long, whilst the magic ingredients of Phen375 get your metabolism and fat burning into top gear.

You will end up with not only increased energy, but there will also be a spin off whereby your sexual libido will also be increased and of course, as you all know, sex is a great way to burn calories and keep your body fit while having fun.

Phen375 is a pharmaceutical grade legal fat burner tablet that has been specifically designed to increase your metabolism so that your body burns all the fat enabling you to be slim and trim.

Phen375 is produced by RDK Pharmaceuticals in an FDA approved production facility which utilizes the most modern technologies to help you achieve your perfect weight.

When you use Phen375 you can expect:-

1) To have more energy within 30 minutes of taking your very first Phen375 tablet.

2) Lose weight at a rate of 2 lbs to 5 lbs per week with some of the larger people experiencing even more than this.

3) Be more mentally alert. The increase in your metabolism will make you far more alert.

4) Happy. You will start to feel good about yourself and be happier.

Find out more about what the incredible Phen375 can do for you.

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