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How to quit smoking

How I quit smoking in just 3 days

Giving up smoking cigarettes is a major nightmare – as a smoker of 30 to 40 per day for nearly 40 years I can attest as to just how tough it can be to quit smoking. However, I finally managed and have been smoke-free for 2 years now.

I tried almost everything to stop smoking but it would usually last between a couple of hours to a record of 2 miserable days and then I would be back at it. I can’t even tell you how many packs of cigarettes I threw out my car window only to return a couple of hours later to see if I could find the pack.

So many times my New Years’ resolution was to quit smoking, only to make the same New Year’s resolution the following year.

Truth was that even though I had a slight will to give up I was never really committed to actually giving up smoking.

You see I had a very real fear of giving up smoking. My own father had suffered from a major stroke a couple of months after quitting smoking and a similar thing happened to my father in law after he quit. I was petrified that the shock of giving up after so many years of nicotine addiction would seriously affect my health more than it would if I were to continue smoking.

However, I knew that in the long run that for my own good I had to quit. I had just lost a dear brother and another close relative to the dreaded lung cancer. I knew If I did not do something that I too could end up with major lung problems.

Vaping helped me quit smoking

Using e- cigs helped me to kick a 40 a day habit.With the invention of vaping, I realized that I could continue to “smoke” without inhaling the 1000 plus harmful chemicals found in cigarettes and thereby improve my health. I was encouraged by a friend who had taken the plunge and had changed from smoking to vaping.

I purchased a vapor pen online together with some 3mg nicotine content Vape Juice and I was ready to give it a full out go to quit smoking.

This is my diary of how I stopped smoking cigarettes in just 3 days.

Day 1

I made sure that I had no cigarettes of my own lying around and started with the vaping. It was pleasant. It was something to occupy my hands and to keep me busy. Smoking is mostly habit and a little addiction to nicotine. Breaking the habit of not having something between your fingers to smoke is probably harder than breaking the nicotine addiction.

Important – I made arrangements with a friend to pop in and have one real cigarette a day which I did. I really enjoyed that cigarette but I was determined to carry on with my routine.

Day 2

Very much the same as day 1 but a little easier. I still went ahead and popped into my friend for a real cigarette which did give me quite a buzz. I could smell the smoke in my clothes afterward and even changed when I got home as the smoke smell was actually starting to bug me. this was the first time that I really realized just how bad smoke smelt.

Day 3 

All went great – popped into my friend for my daily smoke and guess what. I smoked quarter of it and threw away the rest. It actually smelt and tasted disgusting. Again I found myself washing hands and changing clothes.

I must say that by the third day I already had a remarkably improved sense of taste and smell. I also had no withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking. The vaping really filled the gap and was a lot more pleasant to family and friends who no longer had to put up with the smell of smoke that I emanated.

Walking through shopping malls I found that as people in the crowd approached I could immediately smell the smokers and couldn’t believe that I had personally smelt like that for 40 years.

I also discovered that even though the E-Liquid has nicotine content I do not crave it like a cigarette. Where before a no-smoking area like a shopping mall was like a prison – I had to get out to have a smoke. Now I find that I do not need that nicotine and usually only use my e-cig when driving or working in my home office. I am no longer controlled by nicotine cravings.

2 Years Later

I am still cigarette smoke-free. Since that quarter smoke, I have not touched a cigarette again. I must say that there have been a couple of times that I felt tempted but just the thought of the smell and taste in my mouth immediately puts me off again. Any temptation to smoke again can be easily controlled by simply walking past a used ashtray.

I still use my vapor pen and will happily continue to do so. It is so much healthier than smoking and I feel much better. My car, my house, and my clothes all smell a whole lot better. I have even found myself apologizing to family and friends who have never smoked for bringing my smoke smells into contact with them in the past.

Quit smoking outright

My wife stopped smoking at the same time as me. She was not heavily addicted as I was and probably only smoked due to the act that I was a heavy smoker.

She went onto vaping for less than a month in order to break the habit and then she easily stopped using the vaping as well. She has also been completely smoke-free for 2 years.

Weight Gain after quitting smoking

Yeah – I gained a little weight when I quit. The problem is not that stopping smoking makes you gain weight. The real problem is that your sense of smell and taste is heightened so food just tastes so much better.

I advise you to keep this in mind and to make a conscious effort to not indulge yourself too much in all the delicious food and smells that assail you. Eat slowly to ensure that you savor every mouthful and allow time for your stomach to register that it is full.

Advice on e-cigs

  1. Quitting smoking and switching to vaping is going to save you a lot of money.  Don’t buy a cheap device that will leak and burn out leaving you more frustrated than before. Buy quality and enjoy the experience.
  2. Keep going. The first 3 days are a little tough but if you are determined you can do it.
  3. Experiment with your E-Liquids. There are so many really nice flavors out there so grab something that is pleasant to you and your close ones.
  4. E-liquids come in varying strengths of nicotine. 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, and so on. Choose according to your past smoking history. The most sensible strength is the 3 mg which I use. I have found 6 mg to be a little strong.

There are a lot of suppliers of quality Vape Juice. My advice is to look for a reputable company and not a fly by night selling cheap Chinese products. I do know some people who have bought these cheap rip-offs and thrown them away out of frustration after just a day or so.

You do not need the latest most expensive and most fashionable device but you do need a reliable device of fair quality.

My preferred supplier of E-Liquid is 360Vape who stock a wide selection of vape juices.

Is Vaping Harmful?

A cigarette has a total of some 1000 different chemicals some of which are known cancer-causing carcinogens.

E-liquids usually contain Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, Water, Nicotine, and a flavorant. All of my research has indicated that these are completely safe to use as a vape. Vapourised Propylene Glycol, in huge volumes, can be harmful to children. Do note that huge volumes are needed to cause any sort of risk.

Besides I personally prefer a hand full of very minor risks found in vape juices as opposed to the huge risk associated with known cancer-causing cigarette smoke.

Quit smoking today. Order your vape Juice from 360Vape and stop in just 3 days just like I did.

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  1. Why can’t I stop smoking cigarettes?

    I was in the same position as you having smoked for some 40 + years. Two years ago I stopped. This is my method I used to stop smoking.

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