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Is it cheating to use steroids

Is it cheating to use steroids?

I have just been following a huge discussion on a Facebook forum about the use of steroids in bodybuilding.

The initial question which started the storm is

“Is it cheating to use steroids for gains?”

A couple of interesting responses:-

“Why is it cheating? I wear extensions in my hair so my hair is longer than most women. I’m not cheating. I want to look a certain way and if I can get it done now/faster, why shouldn’t I?”

“You give those around you who are going the natural route to feel like they can never reach those ‘unrealistic’ results naturally … You could call it the photoshop of the fitness world”

Each to their own, it is a personal choice. It is very competitive out there

“Unbiased opinion here since I’ve never taken performance substances but… is make-up for women fake and therefore not allowed. Supplements are an extraction of something or a culmination of various things so by definition not natural, does that constitute “fakeness”. Is a car that’s been worked on fake, no. It’s just faster. An opinion different from other opinions isn’t wrong, it’s just different. I always try to be careful that self-righteousness doesn’t dictate my mindset. To each his own… surely?”

 “….just for a bit of info most of the gear is only hormones that your body produces naturally anyway all you are doing is adding more of it the main compound being testosterone for us males. Some are fast-acting and some are slow-acting the aim is to elevate our natural levels and keep them consistent over great time periods this helps with recovery and in actual fact has very little growth capabilities why is recovery so important so you can train the same muscle group more often! The main thing that promotes growth is a combination between tearing the muscle tissue, hint the training part, and then comes the recovery, hint the high protein diets! The test will just speed that up meaning growing bigger faster and getting stronger!!”

 How is it fake? You can “shoot” all you want but without hard work, i.e. training and eating you will never show results. People need to understand the chemistry around anabolics. Yes, it gives you an edge but it just enhances what you putting in, once again, eating and training. Just cos someone uses doesn’t mean they cheating or took shortcuts. Most of these ppl are athletes and they push their bodies to the limits to be competitive. Give them their dues. They work harder than anyone else trying to perfect their bodies. It honestly pisses me off when ppl say, yeah but so and so is using juice, if I used I can also look like that. Kak man, you do not have the heart or dedication that person has. So yeah, it’s not cheating, it’s enhancing their bodies and minds. You ask wtf u mean mind, well they are pretty much frikken scientists/doctors because it’s not just about shooting, u need to know what your body requires, how much at what time, etc, etc. they are not just dumb jocks.”

Supplements vs Steroids

From the responses that were received on the forum, it seems that most people were pro using something to boost their results. What was not really covered under the topic was whether you should use steroids or supplements which are often referred to as legal steroids?


Anabolic steroids are either banned or only available on a Doctor’s prescription in most countries. The reason for this is that they tend to have some severe side effects that could affect your health negatively. Anabolic steroid side effects.

Most users of steroids or other illegal drugs usually have the opinion that they can handle it or that side effects only happen to others and not me. I am careful and know what I am doing.

Unfortunately most users also never fully research the long term consequences of what they are doing or using, and are only seeking the immediate short term benefits.

Since steroids are mostly illegal, back yard black market facilities exist which manufacture these items under dubious circumstances. Alternatively, they are imported from countries with equally dubious manufacturing standards.


Since the supplement market is totally legal and highly competitive the legal steroids are usually of a very high standard. Most are monitored by governing bodies so quality is well maintained.

Legal steroids are supplements that have been designed to mimic the action of steroids but without the side effects. You get to enjoy all the benefits of steroids without the worry about side effects and legalities.

My personal choice of supplements comes from a company called Crazy Bulks who just happens to be one of the top bodybuilding supplement suppliers worldwide.

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Best Bodybuilding Supplements to get started

So you have decided to hit the gym and get your body in shape but need to know which are the best bodybuilding supplements for you to use.  Of course, you want to achieve maximum results with as little effort as possible.

When it comes to a quality supplier of bodybuilding supplements then the top company is Crazy Bulk who carries a large range of products for cutting and bulking as well as some really extreme performance products. These can all be described as legal steroids and you can view an overview of these legal steroids here.

Crazy Bulk has free shipping worldwide.

However, as a newbie, it may be a little daunting to try to fathom out which product is best for you to use among so many options.

With so many products available which is the best product to get you started in your bodybuilding or fitness campaign?

Best starter steroid.

The best legal steroid to get started on has to be testosterone.

First, let’s look at a few reasons why you may be wanting to hit the gym and build your body and how testosterone affects them:-

  1. Weight Gain – especially on the waistline. Testosterone boosts muscle growth and reduces body fat resulting in increased lean muscle.
  2. Tiredness and mental fatigue – a boost of testosterone help to return your energy levels thus helping you to feel refreshed and to perform better.
  3. Low libido – known as the primary sex hormone it is really what drives you and makes you a man. Your libido will go through the roof with a boost of extra testosterone.

As can be seen from the above a boost in Testosterone will help to solve some of the most common reasons for joining the gym and getting into shape.

Testosterone decreases with age

As you get older your testosterone levels start to decline resulting in an increase of body fat, decreased muscle tone, decreased libido, etc.

Smoking, drinking and a poor diet combined with a lack of exercise tend to accelerate the decline in testosterone levels in men.

However, some men seem to have higher levels of testosterone than others which explains why some are fitter, more muscular, and have a far higher libido than others. This is often achieved through an active lifestyle, good diet, and supplements.

Boosting your testosterone levels with a supplement such as Testogen will definitely help you to achieve the best results when you start to the gym or simply want to get your life back on track.

How long does it take to boost testosterone

When taking a supplement to boost your testosterone levels it does take a week or so before you begin to notice a change. First, you will notice an increase in energy and libido accompanied by increased mental alertness.

Muscle development and fat reduction take a little longer depending on your exercise routine.

For best results take for 2 months, break for 1 to 2 weeks and then take again for another 2 months. By this time you should be ready to move onto other more specific legal steroids.