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Weight loss and Bodybuilding

Weight loss is a vital part of bodybuilding

Weight loss and bodybuilding seem to be a weird combination but it is not. The two actually go hand in hand with each other and neither can be done correctly without the other.

Bodybuilding is a process of bulking and cutting (weight loss) in order to achieve that perfect combination of muscles and curves in the right places.  On the other hand weight loss without some sort of bodybuilding (exercising) leaves you weighing less but with curves and bumps in the wrong places.

“You cant have one without the other”.

To emphasize this fact you can search any bodybuilding website and one of the main topics will be concerning correct diet. Likewise you can search the weight loss forums and you will see that exercise plays a major role in weight loss.

Misconceptions about bodybuilding

One of the major misconceptions about bodybuilding is that you use it to get big. This is obviously a major concern for women but it is purely a misconception. When you do bodybuilding you are creating a toned and muscled body. How much muscle you wish to create is totally up to you.

Bodybuilding is not always about being big - it is about creating the perfect build for you.

I like to refer to bodybuilding as body sculpting. You are creating a perfect build for yourself and for your needs. If you want to go big you can go big but most participants are not worried about being big – they want to look good and will do anything necessary to achieve the look that they desire..

Bodybuilding is in reality body sculpting. You create your own masterpiece.

Body sculpting is a form of art  where you create a masterpiece. The subject is of course yourself and the tools are weight loss and exercise combined with a suitable diet.

Misconceptions about weight loss

The number one misconception about weight loss is that if you just lose a couple of pounds you will look great. Let me say that you may look better in clothes that hide the flaws but how good do you look when nude?

Weight loss without supporting exercise can result in you losing muscle while still having a high body fat percentage. When using a lot of the popular diets your body goes into a catabolic state where it breaks down muscle for it’s energy needs. Your metabolism slows down and despite losing weight you begin to feel sluggish. As soon as you stop dieting the weight returns fast and furious.

Dieting without some form of exercise damages your metabolism and as a result you will always experience the famous weight loss yoyo whereby you lose 5 pounds and then gain 7 pounds.

In order to effectively lose weight you need to rev up your metabolism and get your body into an anabolic state so that your body continuously burns fat and not muscle. Building new muscle is one of the major calorie burners in your body and so as you exercise your body becomes a fat burning machine. By converting fat stores in your body directly to muscle your weight might not change much on a scale but your body shape will be drastically altered.

The big difference between fat and muscle.

Muscle is far more dense than body fat. Someone who has a lot of muscle and weighs 150 pounds will appear a lot slimmer than someone else who weighs the same but has a high fat to muscle ratio.

Bodybuilding and weight loss supplements.

People often believe that using supplements for weight loss or for bodybuilding is cheating. If a doctor gives you a vitamin shot to boost your immune system you are fine with that. Supplements are merely products that boost some part of your system. Please note I am not referring to anabolic steroids which is a completely different subject altogether.

Using a supplement is merely using another tool in your body sculpting  process.  A supplement is used to help your body get the correct nutrition needed to perform how you wish it to perform. Bodybuilding supplements mainly help to boost nitrogen content to your muscle to encourage growth while weight loss supplements help your body to burn fat faster.

Using a supplement without some sort of exercise will seldom help your body to change in the way you want it to change. Even hard core steroids need exercise to activate them.


While bodybuilding is now fairly common among men fewer women participate for fear of getting too big and manly.

Drop the term bodybuilding and replace it with body sculpting and then begin your journey to a healthy and perfect looking you.




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Anorexia Secrets

The dieting secrets of anorexics - how to lose weight fast

While I personally hate the entire spectrum of eating disorders that include anorexia and bulimia, and there is no way that I will ever encourage anyone to become anorexia – even the slightest bit – there is one thing that everyone has to admit about anorexics – They sure know how to lose weight fast.

Having been associated too closely with too many anorexics over the past years, I have come to understand their way of thinking and also a few of their best kept weight loss secrets.

While I am not prepared to divulge most of the secrets for fear of them being used for the wrong purposes, there is one little secret that I am going to discuss in detail as it can help many normal minded dieters to lose a couple of extra pounds without harm.

Chili keeps you thin!

Chili and hot foods that contain capsicum based herbs like chili and hot peppers, have the ability to increase your metabolism so that your body burns off calories at a far faster rate.

When I encountered my third anorexic chili fan, I started to put things together and I discovered that chili increases metabolisms and therefore when eating food with a huge amount of chili, the boost in calorie conversion to energy will result in more calories being burnt than what the food itself contains and therefore the net result will be weight lost.

Now I know that most normal people who are wishing to lose a little bit of weight are not going to rush in and start to endure the burning sensation, gastric irritation and after burn that eating chili in large doses is likely to produce.

But there is another Big Secret.

Chili need not burn or cause any unwanted side effects. Capsiplex is a new on the market slimming pill that has taken advantage of the secret of the anorexics, and is now making it available to the world in a specially formulated pill that does not have any burn or other side effects.

Capsiplex is an all natural ingredient slimming pill which contains concentrated capsicum, niacin and caffeine. One little pill a day is all you need to burn up to 278 calories more without the need for exercise or cutting down on your eating.

By simply using Capsiplex to lose weight, you harness the secret that many anorexics have kept hidden to be able to avoid gaining weight when they come to the stage that they are forced to eat food.

Is Capsiplex safe to use.

Capsiplex is 100% safe to use unless you have previously had an allergy to Chili products.

Although chili is used by many anorexics, you have no fear of becoming anorexia by using Capsiplex. Anorexia is a sickness of the mind that no slimming tablet can produce.

You will, however, discover just how easy it can be to lose weight without having to starve yourself or even embark on a strenuous exercise routine. I did forget to mention that 1 Capsiplex tablet burns as many calories as a 25 minute jog.

Capsiplex is available worldwide and as it is completely natural so no doctors prescription is necessary.

Discover how Capsiplex can help you achieve your ideal weight.

Capsiplex cta


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Healthy Eating to Avoid Dieting

Healthy eating can remove the need for you to diet. Follow a healthy diet for improved health.

Healthy eating can reduce the need for you to continuosly diet to lose weight.Healthy eating can change your life. It is not so much a matter of how much we eat but more a case of what we eat that causes us to gain weight.

If you have read any of my other articles you will already know that I consider the word “diet” to be a dirty 4 letter word. I am of the opinion that in general diets increase weight problems more than they help you to lose weight.

Eating healthy as we know it may also not really be as healthy as we are led to believe that it is. Recent research has shown that some of the so called healthy eating tips that we have been brought up to believe are in fact a cause of other problems.

Eg. Drink skim milk or low fat milk – Milk is filled with vitamins and many of these are oil soluble. They require some fat to be absorbed into your system and by using skim or low fat milk these vital vitamins and nourishment are just passing straight through your body.

The same problem exists with low fat salad dressings etc.

Sensible eating far better for weight loss

Eating sensibly is much better than trying to maintain a diet. Diet is a regimen that limits and restricts you and is not sustainable for any period of time. As soon as you stop dieting the weight tend to come back worse than ever before.

Sensible eating is a sustainable lifestyle change that allows you to live life normally without worrying about your weight or having to unnecessarily restrict yourself in the amount of food that you are going to eat.

All food is good and is a source of nutrition that your body needs as long as it is taken in moderation. (McDonalds excluded)

5 Points to increased sensible eating

  1. Regular meals – Eat three main meals a day and plan healthy snacks for in between. Eat these meals at regular times so that your body knows exactly when it will get nourishment. Never skip meals! This will allow your body to boost your metabolic rate and you will experience increased fat burning and improved energy levels.
  2. A little fat is ok – A small amount of fat in moderation with other foods is fine and can help to increase the uptake of nourishment. Do avoid fatty or fried foods opting also for the leaner cuts of meat. In general fat tends to turn to fat but at the same time fats do contain some vital nutrition not found elsewhere.
  3. Sweet increases hunger – Natural and processed sugars cause an insulin spike and a quick but short lived boost to energy. As soon as this spike is over your body immediately wants more which is evidenced in a craving for sweet goods. Avoid sugary items and when eating natural sugars such as fruit try to eat with a little natural fats such as nuts. This helps to reduce the spike and prevent the cravings.
  4. Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are a valuable source of energy for your body but an excess in carbs could cause insulin spikes and an increase in hunger shortly afterwards. 3 Small portions of carbs a day is far better than 1 big portion.
  5. Increased vegetables – Vegetables are a vital source of nutrition. Try to increase your vegetable intake and even replace some of your daily fruit portions with vegetables instead. The results will not only show on your waistline but you will notice an improvement in skin condition as well.

Through all the above healthy eating please also remember to drink a glass of water each hour and especially with or just before a meal.