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Low Carb Diets – Do they work?

French Fries - supposedly make you fat but I lost weight when they were the main ingredient of my diet.

Low carb diets have been around since the early 1970’s when the Atkins diet was first released. Since then a whole host of low carb diets appeared which include the Paleo diet and the latest The Banting diet.

Since the early 1970’s there has also been a major row over whether these diets are healthy and really do aid in weight loss or whether they cause more damage than good.

I have always been very skeptical about any diet that limits or excludes a major food group such as carbohydrates. I have always preferred using a good fat burner diet pill to lose weight.

However I did not pay too much attention until I unwillingly went through a period where all I ate was carbs and fatty foods. Amazingly I lost a whole lot of weight and even more amazingly the weight stayed off for over a year after I returned to normal eating.

My experience on a high carb diet

Bread dough fried in palm oil - should be fattening but I lost weight with it.
Fried bread dough

A couple of years ago my wife and I started a small fast food outlet in a low income area. The outlet sold mainly French fries, a fried bread (Vetkoek) that is best described as fried bread dough, normal bread and Russian sausages. As you see almost everything was high fat and high carbs – a dieticians nightmare.

Due to time restraints we found that we ate mainly at work and so our diet consisted almost entirely of carbs that had been deep fried in palm oil.  According to all standards we should have gained weight like crazy.

Truth was that both my wife and myself started losing weight really fast. In fact we both lost an amazing amount of weight.

I always remember one of regular customers was a man who had the most cut and muscular physique I have ever seen. He was not massive like some bodybuilders, but there was not an ounce of fat on him. Every single evening he came in and ordered  a large portion of french fries as his main meal.

We soon closed the outlet due to a couple of robberies that came close to taking our life. However the weight loss remained for well over a year after that. Since then I have often looked back and analyzed our diet and the weight loss we achieved and could only come to the following conclusions.

  • Carbs are not a problem
  • Fat is not a problem

If this is really so then all these so called low carb diets are in fact somehow in total contradiction to what we experienced.

Carbs are necessary for your metabolism

Carbs play an important role in our diets.Through my continued investigating the cause of our massive weight loss I was able to establish that carbs can be used to turbo charge your metabolism and to help you lose weight and retain the weight loss.

There is nothing worse than going on diet and losing only to have the weight return within a month. Usually the returning weight somehow also brings a few friends with and so you end off weighing more than when you began.

In reality these diets that exclude certain food groups or limit your intake usually damage your metabolism so that when you return to normal eating you suddenly gain weight faster than ever before.

I recently came across a great study and diet called the 14 day rapid weight loss plan. Amazingly it confirms everything that I had experienced in respect of losing weight with carbs.

In this plan Shawn Hadsall and his lovely wife have  developed an eating plan that totally revs up your metabolism with carbs. No more having to skip on the bread or French fries. Now you can eat, enjoy and lose weight.

I highly suggest that you take a good look at this amazing diet plan by Shawn Hadsall.

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