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How good do you look nude

How comfortable are you when you are nude?

Do you feel confidant when you are totally nude?How good do you look when you are nude?

No, I am not trying to solicit nude emails or pictures. I wish to help you to get to a point where you are confident in your own body. No covering the mirror when you get out the shower.

Clothes are designed to conceal your private parts but they do a lot more than just protecting your modesty. Clothes not only cover your privates but also help to hide your faults and to highlight your best assets if worn correctly. If you consider the fact that some “women” (crossdressers) are able to completely hide the fact that they are actually men.

There is an old saying “Clothes make the man” (or woman). Likewise the saying “first impressions last” is also true so most people dress to impress.

This means that most people use clothes to hide their body faults and to accentuate their good aspects.

It is often said that a nudist colony is one of the most honest and open places you could find yourself in. The members have zero body image hang-ups and are usually totally confident and unashamed of themselves. Body faults in themselves and others are on display for the world ( or other members) to see and it is totally what you see is what you get society.

The question again is “How good do you look nude?” Alternatively, I could ask about how confident are you when you are nude in front of yourself or others. If your answer is not “totally confident” then you probably could do with a bit of body sculpting so that you no longer need to hide.

How to improve your body

Feeling comfortable with yourself in the nude is the first step to improving your self-esteem. What do you see when you look in the mirror after your shower?

Fat! A lot of people tend to see themselves as being fat even when they are not.

The first thing to do is to check whether your thoughts about yourself are really justified. Take your measurements and weight yourself. Have a critical look at others and then relook at yourself as others would see you. Ask your close friends or partners what they think.

Do you need to lose some weight? If so take some action to lose weight. Grab some good diet pills and start a diet to lose the excess weight.

Fat instead of muscle. If your weight is correct in relation to your height it may be that you are carrying fat instead of muscle.

You need to look at some good exercise routines to help convert the stored fat into muscle so that you shape up and look good. Just to clarify this point have a look at the image below.

The big difference between fat and muscle.

5 Pounds of fat and 5 pounds of muscle are totally different in size and will alter your appearance completely. You will weigh the same but look a million times better.

Using a great exercise routine combined with some bodybuilding supplements could help you to quickly convert the fat into muscle so that you are in shape and look good. No more hiding in dark rooms and not looking in mirrors.

Bodybuilding is for men and body sculpting is for women. Be proud of your body again.

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Desire and determination to lose weight

In order to succeed in weight loss you need the desire and determination to lose weight.

Many people begin their weight loss journey with the desire to be thin or to lose a couple of pounds.

Unfortunately, only a handful really succeed fully in their weight loss and achieve and maintain their goal weight.

The difference between those who fail and those who succeed lies in one simple word – DETERMINATION!

Unless you have both the desire to look better and to lose weight and the determination to carry it through and reach your goals you will never succeed in your weight loss journey or any other goals that you may have in life. It is similar to smoking. Unless you are determined to quit smoking you never will quit.

Determination is the only thing that will carry you through the difficult times when you are tempted to break your diet. Determination is what will get you out of bed earlier in the morning to do some exercise.

Without the determination to lose weight you are probably doomed to failure before you even begin to diet! However, if you are determined to lose weight then nothing can stop you from gaining the figure you always wanted.

You lose weight because you are dtermined to look better and nothing can stop you.

How to become determined to lose weight

The Mirriam Webster dictionary says determination is firm or fixed intention to reach the desired end“.

Wisdom Commons probably says it a little better – Pursuing a goal with energy and focus. It keeps us firmly centered on a chosen purpose. It is the tool we use to keep defeat from becoming permanent.

How badly do you want to lose weight and look good? The more you desire it the greater the determination will be to achieve it. The best and most successful dieters are those who want to look great more than anything else in the world and at any cost to them.

Steps to build your determination to lose weight

  • Look at the negatives! -How much of life are you missing out on by being overweight? Perhaps you never feel desirable or sexy or your friends get way more attention than you. Look at the negative health factors and how the extra weight could affect your future health and jeopardize your health.
  • Create a mental picture of the positives. How great you will look in the new clothes that you have been eyeing out. The extra attention that you will receive from the opposite sex and the envy of your friends. What will a better figure do for your self-confidence? Imagine just how much more confident you would be with a sexy body. Find something that will become your driving force to lose weight.
  • Put your money where your mouth is – Go out and buy that sexy outfit that you don’t quite fit into yet. Hang it where you see it several times a day so that you are reminded that if you don’t succeed you will never get to wear the outfit and will lose your money. Go and buy some fat burner diet pills to boost your efforts or join your local gym.
  • Get support – Find someone to encourage and preferably to join you in your weight loss journey. Having a companion that you report to, adds accountability and even a little competition which goes a long way in increasing your determination to be successful.

If you want something badly enough then nothing will ever be able to prevent you from getting the desire of your heart which is to lose weight and look great!

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New Years Resolution

A new year always brings with it new hope for a better year ahead and an opportunity to correct and throw out the bad from the old year. The year 2020 has been especially bad and will probably go down in history as being one of the worst ever. Covid-19 has destroyed lifestyles, killed economies and many people have lost their lives, lost their income, and lost everything that they held dear.

2021 is going to be a great year for you and we wish that it will bring you all the happiness that you deserve.

New Year resolutions are the order of the day and from past experience, I know that one of the most wished resolutions has to do with getting fit and losing weight, and sadly these resolutions are mostly broken.

If you look at any gym you will see just how many new members sign up in January but by February the gym is empty again.

This year will be different.

Keep your new years resolution to lose weight and get fit.

How to keep your New Years resolution

Making a new year’s resolution is always easy, but keeping the resolution is not that simple as it usually involves hard work and discipline. The resolution to lose weight and be fit is one of the more difficult to keep resolutions but we are determined to help you keep your weight loss resolution in 2021.

When you have previously made a resolution that this year you are going to lose weight, you have always been by yourself and have had no one to help you and guide you through and quite simply stated, those diets that you tried simply made you so miserable and hungry all the time. How can anyone really be expected to lose any weight while you are miserable and hungry? After all, if you are hungry it is natural to start dreaming and obsessing with food all the time and at some stage, you will give in to temptation.

Well, your friend Phen375 is going to help you along this new year. You see Phen375 is an amazing fat burning pill that boosts your metabolism so that you burn off energy at an incredible rate and you will soon find that you are losing 2 to 5 pounds of fat per week. But that is not all.

Phen375 is not only going to burn that fat away, but it is also an appetite suppressant so you simply will not feel hungry. What better way to be able to lose weight but to have a two-pronged attack on your problem with Phen375 causing you to burn fat at an incredible rate while also reducing the amount that you eat. No more food cravings.

In addition, Phen375 gives you so much energy that working out at your local Gym will be a piece of cake.

Get extra energy for your gym workout.

You will Feel Great while Losing Weight.

The most amazing part of using Phen375 to lose weight is that you will not feel miserable at all. In fact quite the opposite. You will feel as happy as a young child who is always laughing and running around.

When your metabolism is boosted you experience a major boost in your energy levels which is usually evident within 30 minutes from taking your very first Phen375 tablet. The boost of energy lifts your mood and suddenly you start to have an increase in mental awareness and you have the energy to feel happy.

Picture those little kids running around and laughing. There are two images in your mind. First is happiness. Second is the energy that they have. Well, the two are linked to each other and so the energy brings about happiness. Have you ever tried to be happy when you are exhausted and have no energy left in your body?

Apart from starting to feel happy, losing 2 to 5 pounds of weight a week is something that is going to make you feel great about yourself. You are going to become the life of the party around you with all the increased energy, happiness, and confidence that you will gain.

Phen375 gives you a great 2017

This year is going to be different and you will keep that resolution to lose weight simply because Phen375 is going to make it so easy for you.

Exchange the moods, unhappiness, and extra weight of 2016 for a new 2017 full of laughter, energy happiness, and a new slim, confident, and VIBRANT YOU.

Cut fat and look good with Phen375