Kila was first formed in 2014 as a brand purposed for our online activities and our very own Coffee Roasting company.

The name was inspired by Mount Kilimanjaro which is Africa’s highest mountain. It is also in the immediate vicinity of the majestic mountain that some of the world’s finest coffee plantations lie, which lead to us being attracted to the brand name Kila.

Kila Health was then also applied to our online activities where we sold and marketed health products worldwide.

In 2019 we sold off Kila Coffee but retained the Kila brand name which is now being applied to our latest venture – a fully fledged online store that encompasses drop shipped products, affiliate products, digital products and of course our very own physical products.

Kila is set to grow to become a major force amidst the South African online stores and we look forward to becoming your preferred online supplier.



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