Anti-Snoring Aid


Introducing our Silicone Anti-Snoring Aid – the solution to your snoring troubles! Made from safe, non-toxic silicone, this lightweight and comfortable device helps improve your sleep quality by preventing snoring.

Easy to use and clean, simply place the device in your mouth and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. Say goodbye to snoring and hello to a restful sleep with our Silicone Anti-Snoring Aid.

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Silicone Anti-Snoring Aid


Introducing our Silicone Anti-Snoring Tongue Apnea Aid – a simple and effective solution to help you stop snoring and improve your sleep quality. Made from food-grade silicone, this device is safe, non-toxic, and comfortable to wear. It’s also lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for travel.

To use, simply place the device in your mouth, resting it between your front teeth and lips, with the protruding bulb outside of your mouth. The side with the small cut should be placed at the bottom of your mouth. Squeeze the bulb to let out air, then place your tongue in the tube and release the bulb to create suction. This causes your tongue to attach to the bulb area of the device, helping to prevent snoring.

Cleaning the device is a breeze and it can be easily stored in the included carrying case. Please note that there may be slight variations in color due to monitor calibration and slight measurement errors may occur. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to peaceful, restful sleep with our Silicone Anti-Snoring Tongue Apnea Aid.

Model: Muscle training equipment tongue puller.

Product Category: Anti-snoring Tongue Cover.

Material: transparent silicone.Anti-Snoring Aid

Anti-Snoring Aid

Anti-Snoring Aid


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