Massaging Menstrual Pain Heating Pad


Massaging Menstrual Pain Heating Pad. Alleviate discomfort during periods with a heating and massage pad designed to wrap around your waist discreetly.

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Massaging Menstrual Pain Heating Pad

Discover the Massaging Menstrual Pain Heating Pad, designed to alleviate period discomfort with its soothing heat and massage features. This discreet waist-fitting pad offers targeted relief during menstrual pain.

About this item

  • This portable electric heating pad offers the convenience of USB charging. It features four adjustable temperature settings and four distinct massage modes, allowing you to select the mode that best suits your needs.
  • The AgoKud Portable Cordless Heating Pad is designed to alleviate women’s dysmenorrhea. It features the latest upgraded Lycra fabric that is comfortable, ultra-thin, skin-friendly, and conforms to the human body’s structure. Utilizing graphene heating technology, it rapidly delivers heat, enhances blood circulation, and relaxes muscles. This makes it ideal for warming the lower back, stomach, abdomen, and providing waist support.
  • The portable heating pad is engineered to shut down automatically. Should you fall asleep while using it, the device will turn off after 30 minutes of detecting no movement, ensuring your safety. To use it again, simply switch it back on.
  • The back of our heating pad features a soft and comfortable contact surface for your comfort and even heat distribution. With an adjustable waistband, it can stretch up to 50 inches, accommodating waistlines from 24 to 50 inches.



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